Dasiya's Story

Dashiya and her husband Sanishar, both illiterate, couldn’t make ends meet for their family.

The READ Effect - Dashiya

Sanishar left his family to work overseas as a laborer, but couldn’t send enough money home. With their house in the rural village of Jhuwani, Nepal in disrepair, Dashiya decided something needed to change.

She joined a literacy class and savings cooperative at her local READ Center, and took a training course in mushroom farming.

With a loan from the coop, she started her own successful mushroom business and used the profits to launch two more businesses in poultry and pig farming. As a result, Sanishar was able to return home to help with these businesses.

Today, they earn ten times more income and can afford to send their children to school.

They now live happily in a newly constructed home in Jhuwani. “My library helped me not only through training programs, but also to start a business and gain access to markets to sell my goods. I feel proud now that I can support my family.”

Dashiya and her family are evidence of the “READ Effect” – when rural communities are empowered with access to information, education and skills training, they ultimately experience positive social transformation and increased economic opportunity. This cumulative READ Effect results in increased knowledge and prosperity today, and better prospects for the future.

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Dasiya with her mushroom logs

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