Til's Story

Til is a vegetable farmer from Agyauli, Nepal who struggled to provide for his six children. He didn’t know his land could be more productive, even serve as a stepping-stone out of poverty.

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Til took a course on off-season vegetable farming at the Agyauli READ Center, supplementing his training with information accessed via the Internet and the library. He learned that mushrooms could be grown cheaply in very small spaces, so he built a shed on his land to cultivate mushrooms during the off-season.

“As I don’t have much land, I cannot make a profit farming other seasonal vegetables,” Til said. “But with mushrooms, I can use the little land I have to turn a profit.”

Til can now dream beyond mere subsistence for his family.

His trainings at the Center unleashed a passion and aptitude for business, and he plans to take more agricultural trainings at the Center.

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Til's mushrooms

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