Tara's Story

Tara Maharto, 33, a mother of two, comes from the rural community of Kohluwa.



Having only obtained elementary level education, she relied on her husband and father-in-law, whose earnings were hardly enough to support the family. When one of her daughters got sick, she realized that she could not rely on their meager income to take care of her family.

In Nepal, many women, like Tara, are unable to finish their schooling and become housewives before their 18th birthday. Without completing their formal education, their chances to pursue stable economic opportunities are limited. To help rural women earn their own living, READ Nepal provides livelihood training programs and enables them to join savings cooperatives.

Tara completed a 15-day bag making workshop at her READ Center, which revived her passion for sewing and sparked her interest in starting her own venture. Eager to start generating income, she took a loan from the savings cooperative to start her bag business. Her venture became a success and has enabled her to repay the loan and support her family. "I am very thankful to the Fulbari Community Library, which gives us opportunities to grow beyond household work," Tara says.

With passion and love for the craft, Tara has turned her life around by creating colorful handbags. She is one of the hundreds of women whose lives have changed since participating in the READ Center’s livelihood training program and savings cooperative. “I no longer need to ask for money for my household expenses and for my daughters' education. I also save in the cooperative,” Tara says. Now, she also empowers and provides training to the women in the community, inspiring them to create their own businesses. Thanks to READ, mothers like Tara will be able to lift their families out of poverty and become contributors to the community.

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