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Nisha Upreti was married off after her parents passed away when she was in the 6th grade. Afterwards, Nisha was unable to continue her education because of the social stigma attached to married women being in school.

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Nisha, and other women like her in her community of Sarlahi, Nepal, had no choice but to remain uneducated housewives until the Chaturbhujeshwor READ Center opened the Grihini ("Housewives") school in the nearby village of Hariwan.

This all-female school provides adult women with the rare opportunity to return to school and learn how to read.

The Grihini school has been running since 2009, has 13 teachers (11 of whom are female), and has held classes for more than 490 women (as of December, 2011). Nisha took classes at the Grihini school, studying late into the evenings. She passed the school leaving certificate exam, and was so successful that she is now a teacher at a children’s school. Her dedication and passion has inspired many other women in her community to go back to school as well.

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