Fulkumari's Story

Fulkumari Mahato is a 35-year-old woman from Chitwan, Nepal who has been given a second family. Her husband died two years ago, leaving her as the single mother of a son and four daughters.

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Fulkumari struggled to feed her children and pay for their education, not to mention deal with her grief from losing her husband.

The READ Center in Agyauli gave Fulkumari a family and community that she would have never expected. She got the chance to earn an income and lift her family out of poverty.

The farming skills she learned through the READ Center have provided her with a stable income throughout the year.

She consulted books and videos in the Center to learn more about vegetable farming. She learned how to cultivate cauliflower, cabbage, and cucumbers through Practical Answers, which has partnered with READ Nepal to provide rural villagers with the knowledge and resources to increase agricultural yields.

For Fulkumari and her family, the READ Center’s impact has been multigenerational: in one year, she earned 50,000 Nepalese Rupees, enough to send all of her children—including her four daughters—to school.

Fulkumari herself even joined a non-formal education group at the center and learned basic literacy skills. She has become a leader in her community, and other women now go to her with questions about farming and starting a business.

“The READ Center is like a parent,” she told a group of visitors at the Agyauli Center. It has provided her entire family with a vast community network to help them access the resources they need to thrive.

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Fulkumari at the library

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