Prasun's Story

Meet Prasun Chaudhary, a young man who chanced upon a notice for free basic ICT Training at the Tikapur READ Center.



As an employee at a grocery store earning Nrs.7,500 a month, (USD $75) he knew that the free basic ICT training was a rare opportunity given that he couldn’t afford lessons at a computer institute.

Like many youth in Nepal, Prasun did not have the opportunity or means to finish schooling or develop technical skills. To address this, READ Nepal’s ICT programs enable hundreds of people to use free computers and learn about the internet and basic computer operations like Microsoft office, Skype, and email. Thanks to support from Reach Out To Asia (ROTA), READ Nepal recently upgraded the ICT section of the Tikapur READ Center with 10 computers and alternative energy system to overcome Nepal’s power shortage problem.

He joined the course and not long after completing the 62-hour computer training, another opportunity presented itself. He came across a job ad at a local NGO in Tikapur that was looking for an applicant with basic knowledge in computer operations and Microsoft Office. Prasun got the job and now earns Nrs 15,000 (USD $144) which has enabled him to support his family and set aside savings for his future.

"I am very thankful to Tikapur community library and the organizations supporting these ICT initiatives in the community. With the help of the community now I can fulfill the needs of my family with much ease,” Prasun says. Thanks to READ’s focus on expanding education and livelihood resources with a specific focus on ICT, Nepalese youth like Prasun have the opportunity to develop skills to broaden their opportunities. He says that it would not have been possible for him to acquire a better job without the free basic ICT training at the READ Center.

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