Mr. Ngawang and Mr. Sangtru's Stories

In early 2012, READ Bhutan partnered with two local villagers through the Rongthong READ Center to launch a for-profit business enterprise to generate an income to sustain the Center in the long run.

Rongthong Poultry Farm

Mr. Ngawang and Mr. Sangtru, local entrepreneurs, both run poultry cooperatives that produce chicken eggs for sale in local markets. Both are also members of the Rongthong Center management committee.

Their two farms each have about 400 chickens and their eggs are sold in Rongthong, and in the village of Kanglung, 5km away.

READ Bhutan provided capital to expand each poultry business, and a portion of the profits from the egg sales – close to $300 each month – is given back to the Rongthong Center, which provides much-needed educational resources and opportunities to more than 1,000 villagers. In this way, the eggs are helping to feed both the bodies and minds of local community members.

"READ Bhutan has helped me expand my business and I am really grateful about that." ~ Mr. Sangtru, 52 year-old poultry farmer owner.

"Now I not only supply eggs to my village at lower rates, but also transport eggs to other places. The business is doing well now."

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