Pema's Story

Like many subsistence farmers in Bhutan, Pema left school at a young age to work and married as a teenager.




Without an education, she couldn’t envision a life for herself or her five-year-old daughter outside of her farm.

The Rongthong READ Center launched a literacy course for adults like Pema, teaching them to read and write in the evenings after working in the field. Pema has risen to the top of her class.

“I have a dream to open my own small business,” she said.

Her next goal is to learn English. “We need English for everything,” she added, “to understand our bus seat number and to pay for meals at restaurants.” Because of the Center, Pema can prioritize her education.

She has also become a role model for her daughter, who uses the Center’s books and computers.

Pema is determined to send her daughter to school and give her the life choices she didn’t have.

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Pema's Story

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