Khotakpa Village's Story

In the remote village of Khotakpa in southern Bhutan, the local READ Center has initiated a program that harnesses the beauty of children’s natural creativity and uses it to preserve history.

To protect the endangered oral heritage of Bhutan’s rural communities, the Khotakpa READ Center begins the process by collecting stories from the village elders. The children at the center take it from there by writing the stories down, illustrating them, then binding them into books.

Gyan Maya

“I learn to be creative,” says 13 year old Tshechu Zangmo of her favorite activity at the READ Center. “And when we are done with a book, we feel really proud of having something to show other students in the village.”

Not only are the children preserving customs, beliefs, and a way of life, they're sewing the seeds of empowerment and leaving a legacy of literacy.

Gyan Maya

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