Why Bhutan?

Although Bhutan is known for the beauty of its mountains and "Gross National Happiness", most of the population lives in remote areas with rugged terrain and few educational or economic opportunities.

Bhutan has one of the lowest literacy rates in Asia, and before READ established our first Center there, there was only one public lending library in the entire country. Bhutan was closed off from the rest of the modern world until the 1960s.

READ Global is one of the only international non-profit organizations operating in Bhutan.

READ's work in Bhutan


Centers established


Rural villagers have access to READ Centers


Sustaining enterprises launched

READ began working in Bhutan in 2008 with the goal of transforming rural communities by creating access to information and resources, and building a culture of reading. With the help of our partner communities, we have established the first rural lending libraries in the country. From a Center that provides agricultural trainings to farmers, to environmental sustainability programs for kids, to a program to boost women’s civic participation, READ is helping create vibrant places to live and thrive in Bhutan.

To learn more about READ's work in Bhutan, click here to download a pdf overview.


To learn more about READ's core program areas, click here. Some of our most popular trainings in Bhutan include:

  • Literacy programs - in partnership with the Ministry of Education
  • Reading and writing groups
  • Computer literacy classes
  • Women's health classes
  • Community radio
  • Livelihood skills trainings for women home-based workers
  • Small scale business skills and management
  • Women's leadership and civic participation

READ Centers in Bhutan


  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Educating for Gross National Happiness
  • Bhutan Cancer Society
  • Australian Aid
  • Days for Girls
  • Singapore American School
  • Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
  • Eco Cycle Design
  • Linklaters

Bhutan Annual Report

Bhutan Annual Report 2014

To learn more about READ's work in Bhutan, click here to download a pdf overview.