READ Global Blog - The Library Log: On Proverty and Education in Rural Asia

Published: Monday, 08 May 2017


Thanks to a generous $48,000 commitment from Dining for Women, READ Global will be a featured organization during the month of August. As a featured organization, READ Global will have the opportunity to present its work in Bhutan to Dining for Women chapters across the country.

Dining for Women’s support will enable READ Bhutan to empower 300 rural women in nine communities by enhancing their financial literacy, entrepreneurship and livelihood skills to improve their and their families’ economic opportunities.

Women's training

Women will participate in a holistic and comprehensive program that will raise awareness of the economic activities and opportunities available to them, introduce life-changing skills to start or expand microbusinesses, spur the establishment of income-generating activities, and promote financial responsibility and leadership qualities.

Center beneficiaries

To learn more about the project and Dining for Women, please visit our featured page.